The Brand from A to Z


Adjustable (Straps and Bottom)

Height of the top and panties can be individually varied for perfect fit.

Animal Print

Patterns that look like animal fur or skin. Leopard, tiger and snake never go out of fashion and accentuate female expressivity.

Anti-gliss edge

Provides the best strapless hold for bikini tops.


Asymmetrical cuts give prints additional refinement and set the neckline and shoulder particularly well in scene.



Bikini top with straight décolleté, like worked from a ribbon. The band can be gathered in the middle to reinforce the accentuation of the chest.


Patterns based on patterns in wax batik technique. In original wax batiks, the fabric is covered with wax in accordance with the pattern. During dyeing, breaks occur in the wax, so that the pattern surfaces are somewhat blurred and are interspersed with characteristic colour veins. This effect is imitated.

Black power

Black is the new black, not orange, not grey, not navy. Therefore there is no collection without black swim styles.

Body positivity

Fashion becomes sizeneutral and fundamentally questions the ideal of Size Zero movement. Style is independent of clothing sizes.



Military uniform-oriented stain patterns in foliage and earth tones.


Fabric with colour printed chain and monochrome weft. This makes the pattern appear less striking and without contours.


The geometric confrontation of different color areas to create striking color contrasts.

Contrast trims

Shape stripes in different colours on the décolleté, sides or leg cut-out for modelling the body.


Stylish beach dresses, ponchos, caftans, pareos and tunics for beach, bar and city. Protection from sun and warming on shady days.


This cut creates a seductive décolleté, optimally supports curves and is "handstandapproved".


To find the correct cup size, the upper chest circumference must be measured at the widest point of the chest, and the lower chest circumference is also necessary (for details see fitguide).


(see skinny)


Cut-outs present the favourite parts of the body through subtle insights and deliberately used "holes" as eye-catchers.



Ruffled pleats for an elegant and striking silhouette.


Elastic fibres

Collective term for elastic polyurethane fibers that give bikinis and swimsuits strong rebound force. Elastan is always processed in combination with other materials; the most well-known brand name is Lycra.

Ethno style

Fashion inspired by the cultures of other countries in typical colours and patterns.


Functional back

Reinforced with tulle-lining for extra strong hold and wider clasp.

Foam Cup

Integrated, padded cups, which set the bust size ideally in scene.



A #double crossed tag that makes news with certain content or on certain topics searchable in social networks (see Social Media).


Bikini pants tailored to the waist with wide sides and medium back, often with retro flair.



Slim, long, front open dress of oriental origin.


Light shaping

Swimsuits with light shaping gently shape the female figure and provide a light, comfortable hold.


With a Like, users of social networks express that they approve of a concrete message (= Post) or that they support the message. If you are generally interested in an account, you become a subscriber (= Follower). The higher the number of followers and likes, the higher the market value of an account.


The collection of photos, often without short texts, to present the brand's new collection and describe its style world.


(see Elastic fibres)



A swimsuit. A story. Cancer takes more than part of the body from us, it takes self-confidence. A CHARMLINE Resana swimsuit is something the customer can make a decision with. For swimming. For sunbathing. For activities on the beach. For something that makes life special for her. The Resana models give women self-confidence after breast surgery. All models have inside pockets on both sides for inserting prostheses as well as a neckline and armholes that are worked higher.

Medium shaping

Medium shaping one-pieces have a higher share of elastane. This perfectly shapes the female silhouette and makes panna and pasta nearly invisible.


Fibres and threads made of synthetic fibres such as polyester or polyamide, which are finer than silk threads and form a fabric that repels water but allows body moisture to evaporate quickly.


Fabrics and surfaces in the same colour nuances.



Characteristic are the wide straps, which are tied together in the neck and leave a lot of sun on the skin. A beautifully tanned back without stripes is thus guaranteed.


Available all year round (Never Out of Stock) - just like the bestseller model in classic black with feminine gatherings and an elegant wrap-around look skilfully draws attention to the attractive V décolleté. Each season also available in a new fashion colour.


Padded cup

Integrated, padded cups, which set the bust size ideally in scene.


Term for an abstract, decorative fabric pattern, which represents the Persian Boteh pattern, also called cashmere.


This shape combines sportiness and playfulness, it has a hip cut and adapts well to the curves thanks to the elastic fabric.


Spacious scarf, often made of silk or viscose, which can be wrapped around the hip or worn as a beach dress and draped in a variety of ways.


Pattern from different fabric parts with different prints, sizes, colours and materials.

Pioneer in Shapewear

The CHARMLINE brand slogan represents pure beach credibility. The brand is perfect for women who want to show off their bodies in the best possible way - from size 36 to 54. The swimsuits give your body a sense of security, are designed for functionality and are available in three shaping effects: Light, Medium and Strong. Shapewear - known from lingerie - is thus given visibility.

Placed print

The print motif is located exactly at a certain point on a bikini or swimsuit - in contrast to allover designs. Complex in production.


Fabric with intricate narrow pleats.

Polka dots

Dots bring fashion to the point and turn the woman into "Pretty Woman". They stand for playful femininity and joie de vivre.


Integrated, padded cups that support the bust laterally and from below to emphasize a voluminous shape.



(see Mastecomy)



Swimsuit with wider straps, suitable for sports activities.


Perfect staging, also with the help of photoshop and photo filters (in effect comparable with the fillers of the beauty industry). The more perfect the image processing, staging and location, the more an image is regarded as instagrammable and achieves correspondingly many likes.


Antiquated ideal for the classification of body shapes, replaced by the conviction of body diversity, that respects curvy figures without judging.

Social Media

Digital media and methods that enable users to network on the Internet and share content on an ad hoc basis (such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube). Hashtags provide a better location on the net, likes enable approval, comment functions enable the exchange of opinions.


A spacer top consists of textile material which is three-dimensionally constructed and has several layers of fibres. There is space between the individual layers so that the air can circulate. A particularly pleasant wearing comfort.

Strong Shaping

With strong shaping styles, the strong shell fabric ensures a particularly effective modelling of the figure, which optimally highlights the proportions.

Suitcase dress

Ideal travel companion, easy to clean and wrinkle resistant.



Waist-length, tight-fitting top with thin suspenders and separate trousers, worked with or without wire.


Top in triangular shape without wire with adjustable cups.


Long, straight shirt, often with slits and nonchalant body play, originally an antique Roman dress.



A natural fibre that is transformed into light, softly flowing fabrics and has particularly pleasant wearing qualities.



Reflects the maritime, sporty style with the core colours white and dark blue/navy – inspired by boat and sea.


Each thread was dyed before weaving, so the weaving pattern is identical on both sides.



A thin, semi-circular wire is embedded in the fabric of the top, made of metal, plastic or resin. Provides optimum hold.



Slide zipper, ideal to vary the neckline.

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